Hilltop gun Club


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Gung Ho on the Gun Range

According to the weather forecast there may be good working conditions for Phase II at the gun range property, April 24-26, 2015. Equiptment operators intend to hog out the Shoot House pit another 50' long, thus allowing more training ranges and they will use the escavated soils over into the Bottom range to help level and drain it. HillTop Gun Club members, guests, veterans, locals and interested parties contact us if you would like to help in public service . Interested people should bring tools for fence building, parking lot creation, finish up the shelter house, setting up flagging and distance markers, setting up the septic system tank lid, seeding and strawing and tree and brush cutting out of the creek. Dave Lawarence is overseeing the boat stuck in the creek issue and will need help also. Saturday at 4PM we will be holding a "Sighting in" of your small caliber carbine. Targets are supplied. 50 rounds minimum required. Please consider helping out April 24-26. Hours are 11:30 am till 6pm - Friday 830 Saturday till 5pm and 10 on Sunday to 3pm. Range develeopment is work of very criticlal and high nature of construction work techniques and thoughtful engineering to make it safe for everyone on the range to others and to the enviroment. HillTop Gun Club currently is awaiting approval for a Certificate of Reconigtion for the flora and fauna protection, growth and evergreen management practices from the United States Enviroemental Protection Agency. COME ON OUT TO PEARLWOOD TO EXPERIENCE SPORT SHOOTING. Staff