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GUN RANGE UPDATE & The Furgueson Issue

HillTop Gun Club advising board recently met to discuss the up and coming opening of the weapons training facility. The board has decided that the facility will remain in the hands of private ownership and that the property and training areas will always be private and off limits. HillTop Gun Club training facility will be accepting various levels of memberships in the near future. Our current levels of membership is Associate Member, Full Member and Board Member. Each level of membership has its own perks and range usages. All members must apply to a current member to be vetted and voted on to be allowed to join. Memberships cost will have various levels and all members must pass various firearm shooting disciplines such as pistol, rifle and shotgun, archery, Air soft and thrown weapons. Our primary objective for the range the members and invited guests is SAFETY! Safety is in effect at all times. Member must agree to abide by the club rules and take a firearms course. Currently the range areas are being cleaned (this property had 2 burnt up full size modular homes, 3 buildings, a dumping ground and had not been mowed in 10 years) thus it has taken hundreds of hours of labor and many thousands of dollars in cost to clean the place. Our next work session is this coming December 6-7 and we will be bush hogging the upper meadow and clearing out the lower creek bottoms and hillsides for future range development. Our engineer is drawing up plans for our remote control moving targets stations and we are in the first phase of building a shelter house with shooting benches, packed gravel floor and sound abatememt ceiling and roof. Many new target holders have been made and will be set up December 7. Week 3 of December we will be in discussion with the boundry and security fence installers and electricity from American Electric and Power. Hilltop will have high post night security and training lights set up. Please contact us with your training needs.