Hilltop gun Club


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What does Tactical mean, regarding pistol – shotgun & rifle?

HillTop Gun Club is the premier group of weapon craft instructors in Southeast Ohio hands down. Our line of instruction comes directly out of the fields and areas where engagement with a firearm/weapon has been used in the line of fire in direct support or of engagement.  We offer pure, unadulterated combat experience from Iraq and Afghanistan with young men who have been in direct combat, some for over 3 years. This opportunity for you is a privilege to be able to train with someone who has been there done that. Other instructor are Ohio OPATA (Ohio Police Training Academy) trained with additional military instruction.  You can shoot pop cans off from the back fence, go to the air conditioned shoot range, shoot down your own hallway or train with real world operators.

Tactical training is a level 1 through level 7 upbeat and uptempoed shooting program offering realistic and in today's world shooting senarioes.  Each level is a transisition to the next and all students must go through each level one at a time.

Stop back and we will offer more information on the training procedures and content.