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Tactical Shotgun Instruction

I quite often get calls from people about the Shotgun in the Home and Tactical Shotgun usage courses. Today a gentleman called about what happens in the Shotgun in the Home class. We actually come to your home and do a preview of security issues both inside and outside of the house and property. Once there we walk you around to find the least path of resistance for the bad people to get into your home and how easy it is for them to get in. We also like to look for soft and hard corners and openings into your "cone of site" as to how the bad people look around your house. In other words we went to be smarter if we have to use a "scatter gun" in the house. In the course we practice moving in the house with the shotgun, how to shoot and move, target locations and where are the family members and a safe spot. All of this is incorporated again once we go to the gun range to practice. Shooting bird shot - buck shot and slugs give you a true testament as to what various munitions can do inside of a structure. We then add in more excitment and thrill when you come to shoot in total darkness with and without a flashlight. You did remember to carry a tactical flashlight with you when you got up in the middle of the night to see what that sound was? THIS is a needed course for your home protection if you intend on using a shotgun. Please call about more details at 740 517 2774