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Shooting a smaller size pump action 12 gauge shotgun tactically

Recently, the Chief Instructor and two of his assistants traveled to the prestiegious Arnold Rifle & Pistol Gun Range in Saint Louis Mo. to train and instruct with the Remington 870 pump shotgun. For this course, we had the fortune to be able to use a FFL Class 3 breaching and close quarter battle gun. The barrel on the shotgun was 15" long. Trust me - when shooting a 12 gauge shotgun with full power slugs, this sort of gun will indeed, "bite you." In other words they can and do kick the living daylights out of the shooter no matter the shooting stance or style, sling or no sling. The goverment boys and girls who use the short combat shotgun are very aware of shoulder pressure and cheek weld are mandatory when operating a gun of this short stature. All of my combative shotguns are equipped with a recoil reducer, a vertical front hand grip, a collapsable stock and high energy absorbtion butt pad. It has been a while since I have trained with a stock Remington 870 shotgun with no add-ons to deal with the kick. Trust me - they kick like a friggin' mule. Enough of that. Shooters UP! DRILL 1. The first drill we worked on was to sight in with Remington slugs at a 25' range. The drill was 5 shots including 3 to the center body mass, 1 shot to the groin and 1 shot to the head. All students were able to stay on target to the center body mass (CBM) and there was only 1 shot off target. Two to the CBM and one to the head is the Mozambique Drill. DRILL 2. Our second drill of the day was to transition from the shotgun after shooting 5 slugs at CBM from 40' behind barricade. Once the shotgun was empty, the shooter was to transist onto his handgun and move to the second barricade. Shooting then commmenced at a 9" pie plate. Shooters must his 7 out of 7 on the pie plate drill to qualify for Drill 3. All shooters qualified. DRILL 3. Drill 3 consisted of a tactical Loading which is the weak hand going under and over to the loading chamber then flipping and pressing the shell into the chamber. I'll soon have photos up on this site to demonstrate. The drill is a bit difficult if you have never practiced. However, I had been there done that. Once the repetitions and muscle memory had been estiblished for the drill we were to take 5 slugs load 3 - shoot 3, then combat or tactical load the gun using the under-and-over load to port drill. Most students got through the drill with some degree of difficulity, but that is the purpose of training. Shooting distance was 15 yards. DRILL 4. Drill 4 is shoot load - shoot load. In other words, there is one slug in the chamber and the gun is up and ready. Students were to go to barrier and mount the shotgun in the Low Ready Position with the 4 other remaining rounds in their pocket or somewhere. One young man had his slugs stashed in his eleastic band for his thigh mount pistol. Another had his in the ladder rung grip with his weak hand. Another had his in his pants pocket and took for ever to load. Chief Instrutors held their rounds in the left coat pocket for ease of loading. This is a very very interesting and challenging drill and does test the students skills of holding a shotgun to shoulder ready position and shooting under duress. HillTop Gun Club will soon announce a Basic Tactical Shotgun Class coming within the next few weeks. Look forward to this class in May 2011.