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Tactical Rifle Instruction Part 1

As mentioned before, we get quite a few questions concerning what does "Tactical Rifle Instruction" mean? Well, what it means is that you come to HillTop Gun Club for a weekend training course in the art or craft of shooting a rifle correctly and with precision. Rifles were created so that a projectile (bullet) could be sent futher down range compared to a pistol. Facts concerning training with a rifle at HillTop Gun Club. The class begins with an overview of safety. Safety is the utmost important principle when training at our school. Keep in the effect at all times the saying, "the purpose of the rifle is to protect you, your purpose is to protect the rifle." Dropping the muzzel of your firearm into the mud is not protecting your rifle. Safety is in effect at all times. Next, the instructors will lecture on various types of rifles, how to purchase a rifle, and related items such as a holster, carrying case, cleaning items and optics. The class will involve finding the shooter's dominant eye and how to mount the weapon. Rifles are most normally fired on the shoulder, but this class will involved prone, kneeling, bench, hood-of-vehicle, and prop use such as a pair of field-expedient sticks. The class also covers range distance, how to find the yardage of your intended shot. Range time is the most important part of the class with a lot of one-on-one instruction, multiple target types and ranges, malfunctions and kill zone areas. Our long rifle or tactical rifle instructor is a highly trained U.S. Army soldier who spent 1 year in Iraq and was actually on over 600 combat missions. You will not want to miss out on this instructor's close battle and long range shooting course. All students must pass a basic background check before taking this course.