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Tactical Pistol Qualification

This is the United States Federal Air Marshal Tactical Pistol Course (TCP). The course is fired like the El Presidente, in other words the course is shot cold (i.e., no warm-ups) on any targets. All Federal Air Marshals must meet or exceed very high standards of qualification, and it is a recurring standard. They must re-qualify before every assignment and mission.

All strings are shot from a distance of seven yards.

1. One Round (Twice) Concealed from Holster 1.65 seconds
3.30 seeonds
total 2 shots
2. Double Tap (Twice) Low Ready 1.35 seconds
2.70 seconds
total 4 shots
3. Rhythm: fire 6 rounds at one target; no more than 0.6 seconds between shot. Low Ready 3.00 seconds total total of 6 shots
4. One Round, speed load; one shot
Low Ready 3.25 seconds
(6.50 total)
total 4 shots
5. One Round each at two targets three yards apart
Low Ready 1.65 seconds
(3.30 total)
total 4 shots
6. 180 degree pivot. One round each, at three 3.50 seconds targets.
Concealed from Holster 3.50 seconds
(7:00 total)
total 6 shots
7. One Round , slide lock back; drop to one knee 4.00; reload; fire one round.
Low Ready 4.00 seconds
(8:00 total)
total 4 shots

Cannot exceed total time for each drill. Example: Drill # 1- I't time 1:70 seconds, 2nd time 1:55 seconds; Total = 3.25 seconds - Go. Must achieve a 'oGO" on each drill.

Kevin E. Martin
Chief Instructor: American Knives, USA Bando & Hilltop Gun Club