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Pistol Tactics

The purpose of the form is to preserve the function.

1.Hey man, got some change?

  • Scenario - You just got out of your car and are walking up the driveway to the house. In your possession is a bag containing the day's receipts and money. When you reach the end of the driveway you are accosted by three young males from a "Youth Club" pointedly ask for the money bag, threatening you with blunt and edged weapons.
  • Procedure - Run first back to barricade cover (Car) have the moneybag in your weak hand. Draw and fire at the 3 yard target (left) (2 shots), then fire (3 shots) to the (right) target 5 yards, then shoot the final perp (center) target 7 yards with (2 shots). 7 shots total. Use 3-5 innocent bystander targets.

2. Tactical Retreat

  • Scenario - You are involved in a shoot out in a small town restaurant. It is time to retreat out of the restaurant in a judicious manner.
  • Procedure - Start walking backwards while making atactical reload, as you back quickly past targets, identiSr and respond accordingly. Engage the last target as you cross the finish line. 4 targets total, 2 on right and 2 on left. Targets are upper left. @ 16' lower left 12' upper right 6' and lower right 12' . 12 shots total ltactical reload after 6 shots. Use bystander targ€ts in line of site between each target.
  • 3. Wounded Shootist

  • Scenario - You have shot the bad guy 3 times and but he still keeps on coming, and wont stop shooting back. Leaving cover you and your partner engage and kill the perp.
  • Procedure - From behind cover (one left one right) engage the center target (15 yards). Move to the left cover (one left one right) * engage the right target (10 yards). Tactical reload after 10 shots - move to open area and kill the perp. A total of 20 or more shots can be used.