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Concealed Carry Customers

Ohio is one of the few states in the United States that requires a demanding training program for the right to carry a handgun concealed within the borders of Ohio. My responsibility as your instructor is to assure you receive high-quality instruction to meet the state requirement. Now let's learn a bit more information about the training program and the instructor.

WHO: Kevin Martin is recognized by the State of Ohio as a Concealed Carry Instructor, matter of fact Martin was the FIRST concealed carry instructor for Athens County and possibly the state,and he set the standard of instruction at that first class. Kevin is also certified by the National Rifle Association of America to teach handgun, shotgun and home defense programs. Kevin Martin is a Vietnam Veteran, a Black Belt within the American Bando Association, National Heavy Kickboxing Champion of the U.S and an acknowledged combative's instructor around the Unites States.

WHAT: A State of Ohio minimum classroom and firearm range training program mandate's qualified individuals may receive the license to carry a concealed handgun allowed by law if the sheriff approves.

WHEN: Training is scheduled, each month; year around. Private classes are always available weekday or weekends either at our school or your home, office, gun range or private property.

WHERE: Class room instruction is 8 hour at 8156 Salem Road Athens. 4 hour firearm instruction takes place at any approved range if allowed. Our private range is one of the premier ISPC ranges in Southeasthern Ohio.

For centuries no one was legally allowed to carry a concealed handgun other than the Prudent Man. There was never a written law of Prudent Man. That all changed in 2004 with the passage of the right to carry a concealed carry handgun and the law was tweaked for the better in 2008.

HOW: We require a 50% deposit or full pay upon starting the class. Charge is $100 per student at our facility with discounts applied for 2 or more buddies. Private classes out of town are charged at cost plus. Eye and hearing protection, 150 rounds minimum, extra magazines or speed loaders, pen and paper and cameras or recorders are required if have them please. Speed loaders and extra magazines are not required but they sure make the training go smoother if you happen to have them. Call (740)592-6205 or (740)517-2774 or email and make your reservations.

Kevin E. Martin, Chief Instructor: Hilltop Gun Club