Hilltop Gun Club
Firearms and concealed carry training, near Athens, Ohio

Athens County Gun Range – Athens, Ohio, southeast Ohio

Athens County, Ohio has several gun ranges available. Hilltop Gun Club can provide you with Concealed Carry permit training on one of these ranges and we may have a very nice range available in the future.

One such existing range is the one at Strouds Run State Park, near Athens. This publicly-available range is not the best, but adequate for training with competent instructors and a suitable target setup.

As always, safety comes absolute first when we shoot at a range. We run you through a more rigorous training than you’ll find in the region, but never at the expense of safety.

Chief instructor Kevin Martin, aiming pistol
Chief instructor Kevin Martin
Tactical pump shotgun
Tactical pump shotgun
CCW Certificate
Sample Certificate
"I find him interesting and fascinatingly dangerous"
-Quote from a female from the concealed carry weapon course about chief instructor Kevin Martin.