Hilltop gun Club


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Firearm and Accessories Sales & Service

HillTop Gun Club is owned by Kevin Martin. Martin and his son Matthew are both Federal Firearm Licensed dealers in firearms and related items. We offer any gun you may wish to purchase at a huge discount over the local gun store. Case in point: Last week a customer wanted to purchase a Trijicon tactical scope and the going price was $925. Martin's store, which is Military Weapons Specialties, was able to pick up the same scope, get it delivered, taxes were paid and, in addition, a small fee was charged. The customer was real happy when we quoted $761.00 for the exact same item. Recently we had a fellow ask about a tactical battle rifle. He was in the mood to spend money, however before he even gave Military Weapons Specialties a chance to quote a price he "tripped his trigger" and bought the gun locally for $1139.00. For the exact weapon we could have sold it out the door to him for $839.00. Like I ask people who do dumb stuff like that, how much are you paying for gasoline a gallon? Typical answer is $3.19 per gallon. So I ask - would you buy the same gas from me for $2.36? The answer is always YES! So why in the world are you paying full retail for your guns and related items when you know we are going to beat any price in the state. Call or come see us for your next purchase. -Staff of HillTop Gun Club and Military Weapons Specialties