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This week in Athens Ohio at the home of Ohio University a young woman was supposedly held up at gun point in Athens city. (Not on the campus of Ohio University) Very soon a totally freaked out President of Ohio University and Guy Lombardi Student Affairs Director started a mass pandemonium within the campus of Ohio University by declaring a man was on the loose heading towards the campus with a handgun. The Ohio University Police got caught up in the friggin mess and started coming unglued. If you follow the Tweets and You Tubes and Facebooks and the local media you too will see how this issue became a total fantasy of the OU police department and OU upper administration Now mind you that we at HillTop always lean towards better safe that sorry attitude, but oh my Gawd did the pres and administration go to the bonkers level. Fire Fire Wolf Wolf Gun Gun. The entire Campus was shut down within minutes and 22,000 kids were flushed out onto the streets all at once. Let us go to a more serious thought. What if the bad person or persons were up town in Athens city bent on killing as many people as they could, when OU flushed the students all downtown? Hmnn. We call that "rich targets of opportunity" How about if there were more than one bad person and they wanted to take control. THEY did take control buy causing Pres Mcdavis to freak out and shut down the campus. What happened to "we don't deal with terrorists? Wasn't the bad person with the handgun (if there even was a handgun) a terrorist? OU drew out there entire police force looking for a ghost.. What if the bad person or persons decided to pull a stunt on the police force then decided to go rob Baker Center or perhaps set some building on fire? Why didn't OU police contact the Athens City Police or the Athens County Sheriff or 911 or Athens County Emergency Services? Again the bad person took control. Why wasn't the media contacted to alert others within the area that a robbery had taken place? Is OU going to pay the traveling college basket ball for their trip which was stopped in route to come to Athens and play our college basketball team? It can go on and on and on. but the point is Ohio University caused a tremendous scare and shock and fright within the city and county by giving up total control of the facility and campus to a ghost.. Has anyone seen this person since? Who is he? Where is he? Our thoughts here at the training facility is that "Self awareness is self defense" and by just letting 20000 plus people out onto the street all at one time set up a scene for a total doomsday scenario. Maybe the next time a young woman gets raped or some football player beats someones head off or a nut job walks through the campus with a long black coat talking out loud to himself the OU police and Pres McDavis will also shut down the campus. It is embarrassing after all of the mass killings and shooting on a daily basis that such a knee jerk reaction caused the amount of damming grief and attention to our lovely county.