Private Firearms Instruction

March 1, 20195.00pm-9.00pm
Private instructionAge: 18 & older

A basic pistol class taught by a certified instructor

Plan to attend and register early by contacting
Kevin at  or  call  740-517-2774
Hilltop Gun Club is affiliated with the National Rifle Association

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Our Instructors

Hilltop Gun Clubs new Concealed Carry Weapons Instructor Jon McCarthy. Jon is a NRA certified instructor, an avid outdoorsman, volunteer fight fighter, Industrial Engineer and a newly wed. Kevin Martin Chief Instructor of HGC says about Jon, ” this young man is an asset to our club and has a tremendous amount of shooting and training knowledge to offer our students. Jon is 1 of 4 recent new hires ive brought on board to help us offer a very high level of training for the clubs clients.” Please consider HGC for your CCW training.

– 3yrs United States Marine Corps Reservist
– 3 time Expert USMC Rifle Qualification

– Schools complete
– Basic Training
– Infantry school
– Officer Candidates School

– 3/25 Scout Sniper Platoon
– Qualified with M4A1, M16A4, M27 IAR, M110, M40A6, M9, M203