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Before the AR battle rifle / carbine / assault weapon / firearm / craze hit the United States and became the "in thing" to own, modify, and shoot, there was a pretty simple gun that made very large holes, followed with a very loud sound of BOOM! That gun is the shotgun. The most versatile shoulder fired weapon known to mankind. Although the AR, or any rifle, for that matter, can be fired to do amazing things, none actually have the plethora of ammunition choices to injure, maim, and kill the way the shotgun does. As we see quite often in the movies and on TV, having a large round muzzle opening of a 12 gauge shotgun being pointed at someone does get the person's attention.

Chief Instructor of HillTop Gun Club states quite eloquently, "The shotgun is the most effective shoulder fired weapon known to mankind."

A shotgun can be used to kill from point blank up to 500 yards and do it easily. The shotgun is the only weapon that shoots slugs, bird shot, ought buck, armor piercing, explosive, gas, bean, lock breaking loads, flechette, rubber, wood, chemicals, sabots and spider webs. For self defense and home protection there is no other firearm that can be compared to a shotgun.

  • SHOTGUN TYPES include: single shot, double barrel, pump, semi auto double barrel and fully automatic.
  • SHOTGUN CALIBERS: 4-10, 8, 10, 12, 16 & 20 gauges
  • SHOTGUN LENGTHS: shotguns shorter than 18" over all are against Federal law unless owned by law enforcement or military. Most lengths are in the range of 26 to 48" long.
  • SHOTGUN USAGES: personal protection, hunting, target shooting, law enforcement, military, sporting usages and home defense
  • SHOTGUN BARREL: can be of either a continuous, smooth bore or with rifling, normal strength steel or of the heavy bull barrel construction for serious target shooting
  • SHOTGUN SAFETY: safety to others, safety to self, safety to the weapon

Facts concerning the use of shotguns in a tactical manner and situation

  • Semi-automatic shotguns shoot the fastest bur are prone to stoppage.
  • Pump shotguns are the most versatile and easiest to use.
  • Most house or building clearing is done with shotguns.
  • Remington' semi-auto shotguns are very user friendly
  • Bellini shotguns don't break or stop - ever.
  • Light mounted shotgun are the best weapon for evening and night usage.
  • # 9 shot is considered the best for keeping a tight group out to 30'.
  • Slugs are the most dangerous munition, as will shoot over a mile away.
  • Low recoil rounds are more user friendly that say a 3" full magnum round.
  • 3" magnum round are mostly too powerful for most people, and are scary to shoot.
  • Shotguns run out of ammo real quick, and will get you killed if you forget.
  • Shotgun firing - extractors bolts require grease not oil!
  • Square off to the target when shooting for better balance and stance.
  • Be very aggressive in you stance and lean into the muzzle when firing.
  • Gas operated shotgun need cleaned often.
  • Like all machines, shotguns require a lot of lubrication.
  • Load your ammunition in the magazine or storing tube for defensive purposes as follows, shot - 00 - shot - 00 shot - etc.


  • Weld your cheek against the gun stock high and tight with pressure.
  • Point the muzzle at the target.
  • Align the front sight to the vital organ or target.
  • Breath in and out.
  • Slowly squeeze the trigger while on target.
  • Watch where your shot went and follow up with the next shot.

In the near future, you will be able to read our many combat and tactical defense shooting drills and be able to use them for your own practiced skill sets.

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