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Concealed Carry Weapons Permits in Ohio

Last week August 7th 2013 the Ohio Attorney Generals office in Columbus released some very interesting information concerning the dramatic and radical increase in concealed carry permits in Ohio. In year 72,000 shall permits were issued by the AG's ofice, however just in the last 6 months of 2013 over 64,000 permits were issued! This is a very interesting tid bit of knowledge. According to the AG's office somewhere around 400,000 people now have concealed carry permits and that will soon cross over to 500,000 in the very near future. If we were living in New York, Maryland, or most of the anti gun states those amounts of permits would have declined. We are very fortunate that Ohio is extreme pro gun pro hunting pro carry weapons and pro let us make the decisions as to where we want our gun laws to be instead of Bloomburgs attack on all politicians who are pro gun. Last week in Cincinatti there was a Mayors Against Gun rally brought to you by Bloomberg in the down town square supported by families of the mass murder in Connectict. However the amount of people in support of more Anti Gun laws in Ohio fell short of any noticeable means. Some say there were 30 anti gun activits. We at HillTop Gun Club support smart dscussion and communications pertaining to gun violence reduction and more incarceration along with a movement to regain prayer in school, the reciting of The Pledge of Alliegence and spankings.. Once they took those out of our public schools discipling made a marked and pronounced decline in the United States.