Hilltop gun Club


2017 Concealed Carry class schedule is posted. Click here!

Comments from some recent classes at HillTop Gun Club

  • No improvements needed. It was a fantastic class
  • The live fire and safety and the excellence of the teachers was most beneficial
  • The class was very informative and enjoyable and fun
  • I need more hands on experience with my handgun on the gun range
  • Why are there no open to the public firing ranges in Athens County
  • Training in the safe handling of the handgun was driven and redriven into us by Kevin. He never lets up
  • The course was very educational in many aspects of the concealed carry law and in gun safety
  • I didnt know there were so many holsters and places to carry a handgun concealed
  • If ¬†you are offended by swear words then bring your hearing protectors as Kevin is a cusser and he says he does it to shock us out of our own little protected innocent world as bad people cuss and scream and swear much worse
  • The visit the gas stations to watch for narly people is a real eye opening experience
  • Moving while firing was extememly beneficial
  • Im worn out, I am 76 years old. The instructors dont allow us to have excuses and they make us push ourselves through the course as they said if something bad did happen and we had to use our handgun then this is nothing to compare to
  • My daughter has cancer and is in treatment, we travel to Columbus often and around the hospital is a very bad part of town. We are all scared when we get out of our cars, however I carry my LCP with me everywhere and Im confident
  • It was interesting to read in the recent Athens News newspaper in the Womens section as to how many women in SE Ohio are trained to use a concealed carry weapon and speak out in favor of doing so
  • A 1 12 hour day is long perhaps it if was split into two days
  • The shooting drills were fasanating
  • My trigger finger is sore, my hand is sore, my body is sore and I am sore
  • Great course
  • I give Kevin an A+
  • Have a better selection of breakfast food, more various drinks the day was way toooo long but it was an interesting day
  • HillTop Gun Club instructors train us in the snow wind hail rain 104 degrees. No matter the weather we train
  • I learned real quick to not be a "dumb ass' for keeping my finger on the trigger
  • The most beneficial part of the class was the shooting range and learning all the part of my handgun. Not to mention the laws on actually carrying the gun and where and when