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Classroom rate for CCW Class and the change in shooting qualifications

The recent 2 for 1 price break we offered for the March 2011 shooting classes worked well for all of those who attended. Starting in April all class charges are increased to $125.00. The reasons are, fuel costs, insurance rates, advertisement and labor requirements. However the rate can be reduced by being a current or former law enforcement or military (with proof) senior citizen or bring a partner. That will put your training cost to $100.00 per person.

According to the recent updated information from the National Rifle Association concerning Basic Pistol Level 1 course all instructors are to update the shooting qualifications for all students. Students must shoot 5 rounds of 5 shots and hit a 9″ diameter target after first hitting a center body mass target. Once those requirements are met then the student must shoot and hit a Bullseye with 1 set of 5 shots. We will make sure to take the time to properly teach you how to point – aim – align your sites and hit the target. If you are familiar with your handgun you should practice up on your target shooting skills before you take our class.

Chief instructor Kevin Martin, aiming pistol
Chief instructor Kevin Martin
Tactical pump shotgun
Tactical pump shotgun
CCW Certificate
Sample Certificate
"I find him interesting and fascinatingly dangerous"
-Quote from a female from the concealed carry weapon course about chief instructor Kevin Martin.