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Chief Instructor Kevin Martin recieves 2011 Credentials from the NRA

Kevin Martin, Chief Instructor of HillTop Gun Club, recieved the 2011 National Rifle Association (NRA) credentials in the following disciplines: Certified Home Firearm Safety - Certified Pistol - Personal Protection in The Home. Martin and his son Matthew were but of a handfull of inductees into the NRA instructor programs in the southeastern part of Ohio. Instructor Martin combines his years of Bando martial system training within the NRA pistol shooting disciplines and creates a serious, yet fun approach to self defense with a gun, knife, stick or your feet and fists. All of the Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) classes taught by HillTop Gun Club are directly from the NRA's Shooting Disciplines training manual. Ohio CCW classses are mandated by law at 12 hours. HillTop Gun Club is honored to have Kevin Martin acheive such a high honor from the National Rifle Association of America.