Hilltop gun Club


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Chief Instructor and Instructor trainee blaze some ammo today!

Chief Instructor of HillTop Gun Club Kevin Martin and Instructor Trainee Ben Riley shot some massive ammo today Sunday April 3 2011. Both instructors were challenging each other to various shooting scenarios including the Mozambique, Double taps to Center Body Mass, Shoot two targets miss one then return, Shoot 3 targets in a row, Shoot with the weak hand, Shooter kneeling down, Tap rack and bang drill, Tactical magazine exchange drill, Double taps to the head and a special Mad Minute. Because our instructors train as they teach you can be assured that if the gun battle goes down we as your instructors are going to fight into and out of the battle. Are you training or are you fantasizing you can shoot? Why not come train with the best and be a part of the team. Shooting 400 rounds within 45 minutes on Center Body Mass is an excellent example of quality training. As a bragging right, Mr. Riley noticed that out of 400 rounds we were only off Center Body Mass 6 or 7 times! How many other concealed carry instructors in Southeastern Ohio can claim that?