Hilltop gun Club


2017 Concealed Carry class schedule is posted. Click here!


Our Chief Instructor quite often gets asked the same question about what does it cost and require to get your CCW training and certification from HillTop Gun Club. We will list the requirements.
  • $125.00 per person
  • Discounts apply - please inquire
  • 200 rds of ammo for your pistol required
  • 1 box of 5o rounds of 9MM ammo for the instructor
  • A set of hearing and eye protection
  • You should have snacks and hydration fluids
  • The course is 8 hours
  • The class starts at 8AM and ends at 4PM
  • The classroom is at 8156 Salem Road Athens Ohio
  • Make sure you dress according to the weather as we train at the range no matter if its 110 degrees or snowing
  • You must pass 2 written tests
  • You must pass 2 verbal tests
  • You must pass 3 shooting tests to receive your certificate
  • Once you get your certificate you can apply to a Sheriffs office for a license
  • We rent handguns if needed
  • We can supply ammo if needed
Thank you Staff. Please contact us for any of your questions