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The Head Shot Triad

Recently I was asked when I was on the range teaching a class from a concerned student about how to instantly stop a violent action with a handgun or pistol. In addition she expressed her fear of being blown to bits by a Terrorist with a suicide vest or bomb. Those questions got me to thinking long and hard for an easy answer. I told her later in the week to show up to the range and we would practice shooting THE HEAD SHOT TRIAD drill. As like any other professional combative disciplines instructor I name my training drills. The Head Shot Triad is a drill we run to blow out the brain's Medulla Oblongata out of the skull. If you do a quick internet search you will be able to see and study the human brain and its various parts. Attached and hidden at the top of the spinal cord and nestled under the cerebellum lies the medulla oblongata. Its primary job for humans is that it controls the hands and heart amoungst other functions. Destroy the medulla and the threat is stopped. Any projectile that penetrates the skull most usually stops a human movement within nanoseconds. The medulla oblongata is a favorite target of world wide special forces, law enforcement and highly trained gunners. Knifer's know that slamming a cold razor sharp dagger right into the base of the skull (where the oblongata is) in the Back Neck Pocket as we say in our martial system of Bando will put the human down and out in a blink of an eye. Shootists can attest that a speeding bullets into a skull works the best to stop a threat but that target zone is the most difficult to actually hit especially if the target is dynamic. A case in point would be the United States Navy SEALS that put Osama Ben Laden down with a hot 5:56 round tearing through his nose. OK so you catch the drift that a correctly placed bullet into a select region of a brain works. What is a HEAD SHOT TRIAD shooting drill? 1. the target zone is the size of a roll of fifty cent pieces 2. the target zone is 360 degrees around the skull 3. the target zone can be entrapped at any angle Targets: 1. start with a static target with a piece of duct tape placed on a humanoid target from ear to ear, Shoot face to face 2. make a target that is round or buy theater department Styrofoam heads. They cost about a $1.00 3. run a row of duct tape around your target and then turn the target so you are facing a back or side of a skull Drill 1. From 1' shoot 3 rounds into the skull target From 5-10-15 and 25' do the same shooting drill From 50' and 75' out to 125' again preform the same shooting drill.. Check your shooting ability and adjust for proper marksmanship Drill 2. Set up the skull target as if the person in kneeling down or bent over Shoot down into the skull from various distances Shoot various distances while preforming a Tactical Retreat to cover. Remember you are thinking this person may have a bomb on them and it may explode Drill 3. *THIS DRILL IS DANGEROUS SO DO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOUR DOING AS A SPEEDING BULLET CAN FLY OFF FOR A MILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Kneel, squat, roll and Lay down and shoot up into the base of a skull Lie prone and shoot up into the skull at a distance Lie on your back, kneel or crawl and shoot directly straight up into the bottom of the skull Drill 4. Use various cover and concealment training aids and preform various marksmanship shooting drill into either a humanoid 3-D target, a made target or a paper target from various distances. Learn to find any items to throw at the BAD PERSON or TERRORIST if possible to distract them before shooting their head off Shoot with one eye closed and with one hand. Drill 5. *DO NOT SHOOT CENTER BODY MASS IF YOU ASSUME THERE IS A TERRORIST AS A BULLET COULD CAUSE AN EXPLOSIVE PACK TO IGNITE* There are as many shooting drills as their are stars in outer space. I believe that less is more in any shooting drill so stick to the basics. What is the Threat Where is the Target Find your gun Locate the target Point your gun Aim you sights Fire your weapon Fire again Follow Through Breath Sweep and Scan the area 360 degrees because his wife or buddy might be coming right at you with a trigger in their hand!   Stay safe Kevin Martin Chief Instructor: HillTop Gun Club Athens Ohio

Recent training on the gun range

Move – Shoot – Move

I currenty in in process of writing a course for an out of town SWAT team member who is wanting to train in the "System" of combative arts through HillTop Gun Club. Although we are primarily a gun club there are options of learning self defense and self offense using various weapons including fist - feet - knife and stick. Lets digest a bit on the knife aspect of training. How often have you thought you might be in or have been in an area or place or around someone or some people where you might have to utilize a weapon? When was the last time you were in a fist fight? When is the last time you ended up on the ground in a fight?  When was the last time you threw 50 full power kicks at a heavy bag or a tree? What primary weapon did you have with you? What backup weapon did you have with you?   As like  most of my students you probably answered no to the above questions. At each and everyone of our firearm classes we always get this loud mouth comment during the class, " well Ill just pull out my gun and shoot them." and we always respond by saying, "ok tough guy where is your gun now?"  Ha ha they have no gun. It is the same ole same crap as Ill just shoot them. Well what if what if happens. You know what if the gun doesnt work as most brandnew guns dont for the first 1000 rds or you dont have a gun or you drop it or run out of amms. So thus the reason of a back up weapon study. Most knowledgable and profecient students of mine always carry a small sharp folding pocket knife and out of site. If you wear the knife out where it can be seen you are telling everyone you are armed. Remember speed style and surprise is mostly the savior of the day.  Keep your knife out of sight.  If you carry a pocket knife or any other knife you should learn how to use it on hard and soft targets and learn a style that suits you and is easy to comprehend and practice. Flying Ninja and Who Flung Cum martial arts will just get your beat up or worse. You might even want to consider a miminual training session in a boxing gym even if you are too old to get up off the couch. Lets talk some specifics.. according to the Department of Justice 98% of all fights end up on the ground. 97% of all fights are at night. Almost all attacks are within 7ft and all attacks are mostly by surprise. And another excellent satistic is 98% of all humans on the planet are right handed! When was the last time you practiced protecting your left side of your body against incoming blows with the fist feet knee or elbow? Fights and attacks are not like you see on TV and the movies folks. Learn to defend yourself first with your hands then your feet then practice with a knife before you become dependent on your handgun.


The instructors are jump starting the holidays, sort of. Halloween has come and gone and now Thanksgiving is upon us. Those of you that follow us, know we like to hunt and the season is here. I love nothing more than to cook a fresh killed wild turkey and serve it to the family and friends. Deer are so easy to harvest around here you just hit them with your car or truck and then just throw it in the trunk and you got your winter meat. Anyway we are excited about the end of the year and and going to offer a HOLIDAY RIFLE CLASS with a buy 1 get 1 free! Bring your buddy, cousin, sister, dad priest it doesn't matter. Just bring a someone with you and we will give you a buy 1 get 1 deal. The rifle class is $150 for a full days training. Including a free HillTop Gun Club tee shirt. Students will need a 22 caliber rifle with 50 rounds of ammo, their rifle they want to train with, 200 rounds of ammo for the training rifle. ear and sight protection, lunch and snack, fluids, shooting mat or-rug-tarp-blanket scope-target scope or binoculars a book and pencil, camp-utility knife, proper clothes and boots for the weather, 1 20ish by 24ish inch card board box, gun maintenance kit and cleaning items and camera or recorder if you desire. The class is being taught by our NRA certified adjunct instructor Ben Riley. Riley is former U. S. Army infantry who was attached with various Special Operations Force and Quick Reaction Teams in Kirkuk, Iraq. Riley served battle notice in well excess of 600 combative raids and patrols during his tour overseas. For the ending of the class students receive a certificate &  tee shirt. Contact phone is 740 517 2774. Stay involved for more details

November’s 5th Shotgun Class was a winner in everyones mind!

HillTop Gun Club hosted a grueling 8 hour course using the shotgun. All students came with pump action 12 gauge guns. We had one simi auto gun for demostration. Next class hopefully there will be more automatic shotguns in the class. There were 21 drills covered during the course of the including tactical loading, various ways to carry the gun, malfunction drills, ways to shoot and move, cover and concealment and shooting different shot and slug and buck at various distances. In addition to the training course an Ohio University graduate class hired the instructors of HillTop to shoot pistols, rifles and shotguns so that the sound or "reports" of the guns being fired could be recorded. We have no idea for what but it was indeed a very fun time. There were 11 students and their instructor. One of the two highlights of their day was that one of our instructors shot a Barrett 50 caliber rifle!! My Gawd do those guns give off a huge shock wave and sound and one kid nearly jumped out of his skin. Another highlight was that we invited each of the college students to shoot a gun for their first time. Out of the 11 people only 3 had ever touched or fired a gun. We gave each student private one on one training and had them each shoot 4 times.. It was fun for us and the students. Perhaps they will now become the next and future wave of gun owners and users.