August 4 News report

Today the Club saw a marked increase in attending shooters who traveled as far as 1.5 hours away to join us. Many new shooters are members of the United States Practical Shooting Association and are Nationally Ranked.

In addition Mr. Rick Steel Area 5 Director of United States Practical Shooting Association came to check out our range and competed. Some comments from Mr. Steel were that he was Impressed with  what is going on with the range so far, that he liked the Positive Attitude of Chief Instructor and Owner of the Club and Range and that I and other Board Members were quick to respond to new ideas for the range operations. I am very grateful that Mr. Steel came to see us today. Did I mention that he absolutely blisters anyone in competition by at least half of their score. 

Hilltop Gun Club elected a new slate of officers for the 2019-2020 calendar year and they are as follows:

  • Kevin Martin – Chief Instructor
  • Bill Hendrick – President
  • Fred Zirkle – Secretary
  • Ron Allen – Veterans Affairs
  • Bradd Jeffers – L.E. – F.D. & First Responder’s
  • Diana Westerviller – Women On Guns
  • Eli Korkowski – Media Coordinator
  • Range Managers – Taylor Springer & I forgot his name
  • Non  Attending Board Members were voted out of the club

The Club will be holding regular monthly meeting and will hold a Turkey Shoot in mid October

Today’s Pistol Shooting Competition was based around various IPSC shooting Stages and the following people were ranked as follows:

  • Winner of Stage 1 and 3 –  Rick Steel – 60.59 time 250 score
  • Faster Shooter on Stage 3  – Kevin Martin
  • Winner of State 2 – Troy Gahm 67.59 time 275
  • Other Gunners were:
  • Bill Hendrick 146.61 time 190.61 score
  • Ron Allen 87.70 time 205 score
  • Jeff Deckhard 82.22 time 245 score 
  • Perry Shirley-Perry as he is a gravely injured Iraq Combat War Veteran 165.02 time 145 score 
  • Eli Korkowski 101.63 time 215 score
  • Scot Hardesty 74.51 time 205 score
  • Larry Hopkins 104.82 time 245 score
  • Mark Gould 127.71 time 245 score
  • Kevin Martin 81.25 time 210 score

The spread of time and scores were very tight and the difference for a  first time ever shooter at 65.03 seconds down to a Professional shooter at 13.85. Please consider joining Hilltop Gun Club and come compete. Staff

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Wednesday  11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Saturday: 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
All other days: By appointment only

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"To provide education, training, and safe proper usage of firearms under the direction of a qualified range officer as a means to promote sport shooting in a controlled environment utilizing the best instructions, practices and principles available."

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