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April 23rd class postponed untill May 2011

We have had a recent spate of CCW wannabe's calling in a panic and wanting to hurry up and get their training for the certificate of Concealed Carry Weapon in Ohio. It takes up way too much time and energy and costs to hand hold the tens of people per week who call and compare prices and issues then they don't show or don't send in the deposit. Deposits are mandatory 5 days before the class so that the instructors can prepare. Beginning May, 2011, all class prices are going to be $25.00 more if the student just shows up and wants to train. Save yourself the extra cost and brow beating from us for not sending in the deposit. Its real simple but Ill explain it again for the thousandth time: 1. Contact us by phone email or text. 2. Decide if you want the training. 3. Send in the deposit. 4. We send you back forms and information. 5. Fill out the form and return. That's it! Nothing difficult.