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What does the phrase "any new gun will get you killed" mean to a new shooter or even an old experienced shooter that has shot 500,000 rounds of ammo in their life time you might ask? Yesterday the Chief Instructor and assistants of HillTop Gun Club held the 3rd Concealed Carry Weapon Ohio course of the year and all students who attended had brand new handguns. As we have said for decades any new gun that is not properly broken in and cleaned and lubed will fail to function. All guns yesterday including the chief instructors brand new Taurus Super Duper Heavy Duty SOCOM prototype 9 mm failed many many times. I used up 100 rds in that gun and it "STOVE PIPED" on me as least 30 times. If it wasn't for many decades of combat and tactical training to clear the weapon and to get it back on line I could very easily get hurt or die if I used that NEW GUN for concealed carry. or self defense usage. All told yesterday February 17th 2013 there was a total of 1100 rds of ammo expended during a brutally cold day on the range. Out of the 1100 rds of ammo there was probably over 100 times the guns did not work. Think on that a moment. You go buy a brand new handgun, you have never shot it or maybe you have shot it 20 times then its time to go train and you find out your 400 - 600 - 1000$ gun wont function. Why put yours or others lives on the line if you have to use a CCW gun and it will not work? All firearms (new) over the last 20 years are manufactured at aircraft machined tolerances. They are way way to tight and will most always fail if not properly broken in. Have you ever thought of the 300,000 people in Ohio who have a CCW permit who has never been properly trained or have had their gun tested to see if it works and they are walking around with a gun that might now fire? That's on scary thought! So the word to the wise is, if you buy a new gun and if you intend to carry it for self protection then that guns needs to be broken in properly. If you want more information just ask any of the thousands of students of our who found out the hard way on the gun range instead of on the street in a violent confrontation.