Hilltop gun Club


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About us

HillTop Gun Club was originally conceived and started by combat members of the newly founded (1947) Gilham - Frank VFW Post 8804 in New Marshfield, Ohio. The post members fully realized that as former and current military members they needed and wanted a place to shoot, rifles especially. The post soon located and bought a piece of property on the out side of New Marshfield and built a skeet and clay range (1947). The township trustee soon afterwards named the township road where the range was located to Gun Club Road. As as side note Post members also started a Hot Rodding group club in 1957 called the Waterloo Hot Rod Club. Members constructed a concrete block club house, installed concrete shooting lanes and night lights. Hilltop Gun Club range was one of the first in the state of Ohio to use automatic clay pigeon throwers, and held regular meeting and competitive shooting days. There were many local national and international shooters trained out of the HillTop Gun Club including Jack Neal and Charley Pidcock, both who won the Pan American Olympic Games. Many members of both the VFW and the gun club also went back in or into the military and earned great respect with their rifle shooting skills including Carl McKee, Carl Fouts, Finley Rice, and Ben Riley. Over the years the VFW members turned operations over to Charley Pidcock who ran the business of the club and encouraged growth and competition amongst the current members and new members. Pidcock eventually purchased his own land and set up his own operations. During the late 1970's and early 80's the gun range was taken over by various individuals and clubs only to slip into non use and disrepair. Year 2010 Jack Neal one of the last original charter members of the club contacted Kevin Martin another veteran and commander of Post 8804. Neal wishes were simple, "please take care of the range and name of the club and do not allow it to go away." After years of careful searching and research Martin purchased a piece of property locally and gave rebirth to both the club but also to a weapons training range. The New HillTop Gun Club will be partially operational either late spring or early summer 2015. HillTop is a private club and potential members must be voted on by 2 members and pay initiation, training and membership fees.