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A recent handgun training by the staff of HillTop Gun Club

Recently we conducted a very long Fall season intensive handgun training clinic. The objectives were many and we actually shot through 33 various "what if's." You ask what is a "what if?" A what if is what if we were at a gas station or truck stop or fast food restrauant of a coffee shop even a school and what if the bad person or people were intent on robbing harming shooting you or worse and what if that happens what are you going to do to defuse or stop the "What if!" A tremendous amount of training schools in Ohio and the US concentrate on military and law enforcement tactics as we do also, however our teachers are known to bring in common since and to think outside of the box. As we have said before we are not going to throw a MULE pack on some 90lb woman and then expect her to shoot out the target all the while dragging a 300 pound man that has a bad heart and knees to a safe zone. We just dont expect that to happen in real life around here very much. However what if that did happen,, what if the 90 pound woman and her husband were robbed beaten and he was shot at a gas station and she was the mobile one? What does she do to protect him and herself with her handgun at that time of crisis? Our instructors come up with very safe secure defensive tactics for the class to practice learn and simulate. Over the 2 day course we also had each student try various handguns and we swapped each others guns so that everyone had the opportunity to see how other handguns operate and if they could use them especally under duress.  One very good learning experinece was to see how handguns have evolved from a 5 shot 38 Special Smith & Wesson to a brand new Kahr with a decocker a single double action a loaded chamber indicator a slide and trigger lock and a another loaded chamber indicator that pops up and is painted red!! Our thoughts are that the newest handguns with all the locks and indicators and de cockers are going to get someone badly hurt of killed if they dont practice with them often. Some of the more intensive tactics we covered were the shoot and move and exchange your magazine or use a speed loader, go behind cover or concealment to shoot, shoot miss return and shoot the same target, prone shooting, weak then strong hand shooting, shooter down - return fire and shooting in the dark.  Our students were exhusted but very satisfied and more prepared for their own self defensive needs after this class. A good question to you is when is the last time you shot a firearm in total darkness? What could you not see 3 seconds after the muzzel report of about 5' blinded you? If you, family, friends or a group are interested in more firearm training give us a call or text or email to find more details and information as to how we can help you in your training needs. HillTop Gun Club offers much more training than involving firearms so give us a contact and let us know how you can become safer and secure. Staff