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A new gun will get you killed – Holsters & Carrying a defensive handgun

The staff recently held an Ohio Concealed Carry Weapons course and as usual we have students who have never seen, touched or shot a handgun. In addition we had a student / trainer who wanted to test out a brand new 45 ACP type of pistol. As usual there were difficult and scary moments on the gun range with the new students and the brand new gun failed to fire at least a dozen times. First we will reload again our thoughts about new students attempting to learn about and handle and then shoot a handgun in 2 hours according to the Ohio Revised Code requirements for a student to obtain their CCW license. We have since day one disagreed with the 2 hour range time and have lobbied, spoken to various representitives of Ohio and have been in disagreement that the law should even be more liberal. Case in point. While standing on the line preparing the students to take their first shot Ever it isnt fun to watch people actually turn white and start to shake before pulling the trigger. Our question is often to the student, "how are you going to be prepared to fight off an attacker then shoot them if you cannot control your body or emotions?" It is very unfair to the citizens of Ohio to know that the majority of CCW instructors do not require their students to fire as many rounds as we do nor do they insist that the students go through Combative and Tactical shooting drills. Many states now in America require no training what so ever including Virginia, West Virginia and Indiania. Its just frightening to think of the amount of people walking around with CCW guns and have possibly have never even pulled the trigger. We sugguest to each of our students to come back and take a Second Level Handgun course but none ever do. Thankfully we dont have a lot of shoot outs in Ohio with CCW people. A new hangun will get you killed. Our Chief Instructor coined this phrase years ago after seeing how many new handguns would not operate or even fire. Our new student recently had a brand new gun that would not operate correctly. The student has been in military law enforcement for 32 years as has probably shot a half million rounds of ammo through many firearms. This was the first time in a long time that he had attempted to break in a new handgun. We believe that to get a new handgun to operate properly that it should be shot no less than 1000 rds total. Shoot the gun first until the machine gets hot to the touch. Then let it cool back down {50 minutes} heat it back up until it is smoking and let it cool again. Now its time to clean the gun and lubricate it throughly. A handgun is nothing more than a tool or machine that has rubbing metal parts. Rubbing metal needs lots of lubrication. Run another 300-500 rds of ammo through the gun again. Then put it away and after a day or two take it out dissemble it again throughly clean it and soak it down in lubrication. Let it drip off then wipe the gun down 100% . It should fire everytime after that. Our instructors like to use baby and machine oil to lube their firearms. Baby oil makes them smell special!