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A new defensive handgun will get you killed & the new Ohio CCW law

Our Chief Instructor recently purschased a brand new high capacity Para Ordinance Warthog, which is a wicked little handgun that carries 10 45 ACPs rounds. When the gun first arrived it was nearly impossible for 5 grown strong men to operate the slide and overcome the high presure return spring. We all thought the gun was problematic and that few people anywhere would be able to make the gun function. We sent an email to Para asking what was up with the intense pressure of the spring and we were told it was only a 20 pound spring.. HAHAHAH all of us can assure you the spring pressure is more like 120 pounds and the Para rep told us to go blow no less than 500 rds through the gun to loosen it up. He recommended a 1000 to really get it functioning. On April 23rd after a long day of work on the range 5 individuals test fired the Warthog using 2 types of 230 grain FMJ ammo. All shooters had malfunctions with the gun including, stove pipes, train wrecks, jammed up jelly tight and mis fires. After 100 rounds the gun did warm up but the issues of a defensive handgun not firing each and every time again is a danger to self and to others. Concealed Carry Laws in Ohio in on track to be changed again so that there will be no requirements to train with your mind or body to apply and recieve a license to carry concealed or open. The board of HillTop Gun Club and or affiliate national firearm advocacy group have voted 100% against the proposed new law mainly because of the lack of skill in want to be students. The clubs instructor has taught over 1000 people in handgun training and he states that, " not only will a new handgun get you killed but if Ohio does pass the no training requirement law then if there was a shootout and the person with the non tested and non functioning handgun attempts to defend theirselves or others they may end up injured maimed or killed." HillTops current CCW range training requirements now is the student must fire no less than 200 rds during the qualifications part of the training. Let the buyer beware that when you buy your new defensive handgun it needs to be properly broke in to fire each and everytime. Having a CCW license without proper training or hand gun breakins is just a dangerous precident in waiting.