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A great review from another satisfied customer

I recently completed the concealed carry handgun course that is offered at the Hilltop Gun Club and I am more than satisfied with my experience. Trainers Kevin Martin and John Euler are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced instructors with a wealth of training skills and techniques that far surpasses any shooter I have ever met. Even being the fairly experienced shooter that I am, Kevin and John opened my eyes to new aspects of firearms handling and using that I had never even considered. The training style of the course is very militaristic and hands on and will offer you a chance to challenge yourself mentally and physically. However, the course is still structured in a way that is suitable for men and woman of all ages and walks of life. I myself am a male in my early 20's and as I mentioned, I could not be more pleased with the course. Also, as a college student on a tight budget, the cost of the class was very affordable and well worth the relatively small investment when compared to the amount of information learned in the course. I left that day feeling confident in the new skills I had learned and found myself very eager to learn more. Fortunately, the Hilltop Gun Club offers an wide variety of courses in varying degrees of difficulty, including hand to hand combat as well as rifle and shotgun classes. I highly recommend the Hilltop Gun Club to anyone. Weather you have no firearm experience and wish to learn to basics of safety and handling, or you are a skilled shooter looking to hone in and expand on your abilities, the Hilltop Gun Club has something for you. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Ryan S.